Addtech generates long-term shareholder values via approximately 140 independent and operating subsidiaries. Active ownership continuously streamlines the operation leading towards gradual improvement of the subsidiaries’ growth and profit. Besides operating activities, company acquisitions are central to profit growth and development – partly through the addition of agency companies, employees and customers, and partly through the multiple arbitrage that arises when acquired companies are added to the operation.

Shareholder in three steps:

The most important foundation for shareholder value is Addtech’s value-adding base, which currently comprises about 140 operating companies that all strive to be market leaders in their niches.

Addtech is an active owner that treads carefully in its work to increase its subsidiaries’ sales and profitability. Addtech combines the flexibility, efficiency and personal touch of a small enterprise with the resources, networks and long-term thinking.

Acquisitions are necessary to create long-term profit growth and value for shareholders. New companies add sales volume, agency companies, customers, competence and – at least equally important – motivated leaders and entrepreneurs. New companies also bring new opportunities for efficiency enhancements and development.