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The companies within Components Norway market and sell components and sub-systems within electronics, electromechanics, mechanics and hydraulics.

Close cooperation and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers lay the foundation for delivering high-quality solutions to the manufacturing industry. The companies offer both standardised and customised product solutions. The largest customers are in the marine and offshore industry.

In mechanics and electromechanics, the companies offer products such as valves, hydraulic blocks, pumps, filters, energy chains and pantographs.

The business unit’s customers in the offshore industry often demand solutions in the area of hydraulics and process flows. These may be products such as valves, pumps and filters that are specially adapted to each customer’s operations. Hydraulic solutions are used in many processes in connection with oil and gas extraction, filtration of water and particles from ROV systems (remote-operated underwater vehicle), as well as in the opening and closing of valves on ships and in the offshore industry. Energy chains are sold mainly to the offshore, engineering, and food industries, and the pantographs to manufacturers of trams and electric ferries.

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