Industrial Solutions

The companies within the business unit help customers improve their production processes and end product. This is achieved through close cooperation, with products and solutions being developed to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Products and solutions offered include electric drive systems, transmissions, seals, chains and solutions in mechanical surface treatment. Two of the business unit’s specific areas are wood processing, and waste management and recycling. In these areas, timber dryers, timber sorting and waste management systems are offered in addition to the solutions mentioned above.

The business unit’s companies are primarily active in the Nordic countries, the UK and Central Europe. The customers are in the mechanical, forestry, steel and mining industries, as well as in the energy, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sustainable solutions and products are in focus in our customer offering. By using our timber dryers, for example, the use of wood, a sustainable material, is increased. Solutions for recycling materials and contributing to the circular economy represent another example. There are many more examples, ranging from O-rings, crucial for proper function and safety, to lifting chain solutions found in safety-critical applications.

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Business Unit Manager Industrial Solutions

Daniel Prelevic
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