Process Technology

The companies within the business unit sell and market products, systems and services for  analysis and measurement applications for customers in the paper, energy, chemical, marine and pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

The business unit delivers complete systems and instruments in the areas of gas and water purification, the measurement and regulation of pressure, levels and  flows, as well as instruments for the analysis of gases and liquids. The business unit also offers services such as technical services, applications know-how and systems integration based on the customer’s needs and manufacturing processes. The companies seek to provide long-term advisory services in close collaboration with customers.

The customer base consists primarily of Nordic companies in the manufacturing industry, although some customers, primarily the marine and petrochemical industries, also operate internationally.

An increased focus on efficient energy use and the  optimum use of resources generates an increased need to control and analyse various processes, such as fuel consumption in the marine area, as well as the purity and composition of process water discharged by industry. In the environmental area, complete systems are delivered for monitoring flue gases emitted both by industrial processes and ships.

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Claus Nielsen
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