CTM Lyng – dares to think differently!

CTM Lyng, that is part of the Addtech Business area Energy, have set their mind to revolutionize the market with recyclable light sources.

CTM Lyng is one of Norway’s leading manufacturer and supplier of home security products, assistive technology and energy efficiency control by light and heat management for all type of building. Under the brand name CircuLine™, CTM Lyng have decided to start to develop a series of products that will be manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled again in a perpetual material circular cycle.

- The transformation from incandescent bulbs to LED was an important shift that have reduced the power consumption considerably. The natural next step is to change the way the light sources are produced, says CEO of CTM Lyng, Terje Lillemo.

Most light sources are today produced to be thrown away at end of life.

- The time it takes to disassemble a traditional downlight, will never justify repairing it. With CircuLine, we will make it easy to pick the products apart to, if possible, repair efficiently, or recycle the parts for new products, Terje Lillemo continues.

Terje Lillemo, CEO of CTM Lyng

Looking for partners

CTM Lyng does not yet have a commercialized product to refer to. In order to start developing and produce the new light sources they rely completely on finding partners who can supply recycled components for the new product line.

- Right now, we are reaching out to manufacturers and partners that want to be part of our journey to supply the market with sustainable light sources, designed for a long life in buildings and homes all over the world, Terje Lillemo concludes.

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