Addtech’s Sustainable Organisation focus area envisions having 40 percent women in leading positions by 2030. Although we still have a long way to go, our ambition is definitely to achieve this target. One woman holding a leading position within Addtech is Carolin Burlin, Managing Director of Recab, which is part of the Automation business area. Recab currently has about 35 employees in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and offers products and solutions in areas such as industrial automation.


”The Group’s commitment to the issue of gender equality is genuine”

Caroline Basilier,
Managing Director Recab

“Recab works with many of the current hot buzzwords in the technical industry: AI, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning and Embedded Computers.

You absolutely do not have to be a technical nerd to hold a leading position in the technology industry,” says Carolin. We must improve at highlighting female role models interested in technology. Of course technology is a broad concept encompassing an infinite number of products, solutions and tasks.

Recab is well on its way to achieving the vision of 40 percent women in leading positions. According to Carolin, 33 percent of the company’s management are currently women.

“For us, having the right skills and commitment within the company is crucial,” says Caroline. As the Managing Director of an Addtech subsidiary, I am absolutely certain that Group management’s support in pursuing the issue of gender equality is genuine. We must improve further in creating mixed workplaces at which women and men can contribute together to developing sustainable products and technical solutions.