CEO comments

In September 2021, Addtech celebrates 20 years as a listed company. From the outset in 2001, when we were spun off from Bergman & Beving, we have exceeded our financial targets. Despite the dotcom and financial crashes, economic recessions, the oil crisis, the cyber-attack and the pandemic, we have achieved an average annual growth in profit of 22 percent. The trend in our share price has followed this profit trend, generating significant shareholder value.

The principal explanation for this successful journey is that our business model and corporate culture, still Addtech’s core, remain largely the same as in 2001. Simplicity, decentralised responsibility, conducting small-scale business - large-scale wise, and our passion for entrepreneurship remain critical for our success. Naturally, we have, over the years, developed and upgraded the operations. Slowly but surely, we have progressed, purposefully  increasing our share of proprietary products, brands and sustainable technological solutions that we sell globally in an increasingly digital world.

Niklas Stenberg
President and CEO