The Energy Products business unit develops, manufactures, markets and sells its products primarily in the Nordic and Baltic regions, but also to some extent globally through a number of specialist subsidiaries.

Its business is mainly in the electrical installation, energy efficiency, electrical safety and professional lighting segments. 

Components and solutions are supplied to electrical wholesalers, electricians, municipalities, industry, machinery manufacturers and other businesses. Major customers include Ahlsell, ABB, Axis, Elektroskandia, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, the Swedish Transport Administration and Rexel. Marketing is undertaken both directly to end customers and retailers, as well as to specifiers. This business unit has significant technical expertise, a high level of service, as well as strong brands and market positions in selected niches.

Electrical installation
Electrical installation products for the renovation and construction of business facilities and housing. These include fuses, cable glands, junction boxes, stove guards, presence and movement detectors, water and heating management/control and conduits that increase fire safety, contribute to greater energy efficiency and/or more effective installations and functions.

Electrical installation products for industrial environments, machinery and infrastructure such as cable protection conduits, connectors, machinery and robot cables, cable glands, cabling production equipment and measurement and testing equipment.

Static and mobile lighting and lighting control for public and industrial locations that contribute to better work environments and greater energy efficiency. 

Electrical grid safety products
Equipment that monitors and measures the quality of the electricity grid to protect computers and other sensitive equipment from the impact of voltage variations in the grid. Earth fault monitoring equipment that issues alarms in the event of earth faults in various environments.


Energy Supply

Energy Products

Contact person

Åsa Skarbrandt

Business Unit Manager

+46 768 162 162

Our companies in the Energy Products offers components and solutions for wholesalers and installers, but also to larger Industries' sectors and municipalities.