Addtech Industrial Process markets and sells solutions, sub-systems and components, often under own brand, which help to optimise industrial processes and flows. Customers are found in about 15 countries, with an emphasis on industry in northern Europe.

Industrial Process focuses on developing customers’ business benefits and offering services and product solutions that help streamline customers’ industrial process flows in solid, liquid or gas form. The solutions are customised and applied in a wide range of areas. For example, we contribute to effective and optimised flows in blood analysis appliances as well as on oil platforms and secure and measure gas flows in factories and for ship emissions. The added value that is generated can relate to reduced use of resources, positive environmental impact, time gains and other favourable outcomes that help improve quality and boost profitability for the customer.

With their technical expertise, the business area’s subsidiaries hold a leading position in a number of narrow niches, such as blast media, transmissions, products made of polymeric materials, electrical drives, process analysis and environmental analysis.

High development and innovation rate for industrial process flows and increased demands for recycling and decreased environmental impact drives the pace of investments. Competition is relatively tough, but for companies offering high technical expertise, efficiency improvements and system solutions that contain subsystems and components competition is significantly lower.

Future prospects

The market for individual components and subsystems is growing concurrently with broad industry indexes. There is also tremendous market potential in improving the efficiency of various industrial processes and making them cleaner. More stringent requirements on energy-efficient and sustainable processes are driving technological development, which in turn creates opportunities for more efficient solutions.

DESMI, Statoil, MAN, JCB and Sandvik.

Advanced technical consultation, training, support and service. Chemical analysis equipment for the process industry.. Gaskets, seals, moulded components, vibration dampers, chains, roller bearings and components for electrical motor solutions such as electric motors and electronic speed control. Equipment and materials in blasting, tumbling and industrial washing.


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