Power Solutions develops, markets and sells components and system solutions that ensure power supply, as well as operation and control of movements or energy flows, such as battery solutions and products used in the interaction between humans and machines. The business area's customers mainly work with special vehicles, telecoms, environmental technology and medical technology. The business area has its own strong brands and niche production.

Companies in this business area often work with the customer during the design phase, allowing them to be involved in controlling and optimising the end product at an early stage. The majority of customers are therefore OEMs, but the business area also serves a large number of end customers in and outside the Nordic region.

System automation is about creating effective solutions that ensure operation and control of movements or energy flows in some form. It can either involve system solutions that are completely disengaged from humans, or solutions that include an interface between humans and machines, known as HMI products.

The business area offers expertise in energy storage, power supply, operation and control and operating environments.

The business area has developed a large range of its own strong brands and has significant R&D expertise and niche production. Own brands are largely sold to countries outside the Nordic region via separate companies, for example in the EU, China and the US, as well as via a network of distributors.

Moreover, the business area is the Nordic region’s largest independent distributor of batteries and has agents for a number of leading global brands for most battery types and applications.

The business area’s companies hold leading market positions in their respective niche areas. The business area has several proprietary products that are sold under their own brands and enjoy international demand. For several years the business area has been investing in cutting-edge expertise in power supply and control; investments that have created competitive advantages concurrently with increasingly complex technology. 

This business area operates in a relatively stable market, in which the underlying demand depends on the development in the markets for vehicles, telecom, environmental technology and medical technology. Competition is tough, however, for standardised mass-produced products. However, the rapid technological development is deriving demand for technically skilled companies who are often involved in the products’ design phase and initial deliveries.

TMHE, John Deere, Ericsson, Siemens, Volvo, Onninen, Eon, Vestas and TeliaSonera.

Battery solutions, ergonomic operating environments, control and activation of movements. The companies run their own niche manufacturing operations, but also trade in closely related products.


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