The Battery Systems business unit consists of a number of companies that all work in different niches. The companies market and sell standard products and customised battery solutions with power supply units, and backup power and energy storage solutions.

The main focus is on supplying customised special solutions for applications that need battery and/or backup power. Therefore, the companies in the business unit work in a range of different industries such as the automotive industry, defence, telecoms and medical devices.

Sales are made both via retailers and directly to OEM and end customers. The business unit represents leading global brands in the area but also has its own brands in selected product areas. Battery Systems has great experience of all the different battery chemistry systems.  

The business unit also has a technology development centre and long experience of developing advanced battery solutions with the appropriate electronics, modern test technology for testing and validating components and fully developed battery packs. The business unit has production facilities for battery packs and energy storage solutions in both Sweden and China.

Battery packs
The business unit offers customised battery packs consisting of several cells that are connected in series and in parallel based on the unit's voltage and current needs. The batteries are used in areas such as electric vehicles, military applications and medical devices. Battery packs increasingly consist of lithium batteries, which have the advantage that they can store more energy and retain the charge for longer compared with lead or nickel-based batteries.

Backup power
Backup power solutions from Battery System are able to supply electrical power independently of the public electricity grid and can therefore prevent critical process stoppages in the event of power failures. Battery Systems has backup power solutions for telecoms and the power market, as well as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) equipment for other applications.


Battery Systems

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Peter Andersson

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Our companies in the Battery Systems offers standard products and customized battery solutions with related power supply and standby power and energy storage solutions.