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An innovative technology trading company

Addtech is a technically innovative partner that develops and sells products, subsystems and solutions for industrial companies and service enterprises in northern Europe.

The Group conducts its business via more than 100 subsidiaries with around 2,000 employees. Its annual sales of about SEK 6 billion. 

Domestic market in Nordics

Most of Addtech’s operations are in the Nordics, but the rest of northern Europe is gaining in significance, with operations outside the Nordics in Poland, the UK, Germany, Austria and China. In addition to this, the Group exports to a further 20 countries.

Customers are mainly manufacturing companies in the mechanical engineering sector, the automotive, telecom and electronics industries, and healthcare and research laboratories in the Nordics.

Well-defined niches

Addtech’s strategy for achieving profitable growth is to be market leading within well-defined niches in which customers demand carefully selected products and subsystems, often in small and medium volumes.

Apart from growth in existing operations, the Group is expanding via complementary acquisitions in selected market segments. Through acquisitions and continuous business development, the Group’s market-leading positions can be maintained and developed.


Products and services

Sales and trading in standard products form the basis of Addtech’s operations. Long-term customer relationships and understanding of customer businesses, needs and demands often lead to more in-depth cooperation and the development of custom products. The more value Addtech can offer its customers, the better its profitability.

Addtech also offers technology- and knowledge-intensive services, along with a growing number of aftermarket services in training, service and support.

Financial goals

Addtech’s overall goal is to achieve growth in combination with profitability. The Group strives to achieve an annual growth in profit of at least 15 percent over a business cycle.

Each subsidiary’s goal is profitability of at least 45 percent, measured as the relationship between operating profit (OP) and working capital (WC). OP/WC encourages a high operating profit and a low level of tied-up capital, which in combination with a growth target of 15 percent lays the foundations for profitable growth. 

Invest in Addtech

Addtech’s aim is to offer its shareholders a long-term investment with relatively low risk.

The share was listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange in September 2001, and overall the share has outperformed the exchange’s General Index. Average total ROI including dividend has exceeded 15 percent per year.

  • Customers

    With long experience gained from working with several well-renowned customers, Addtech’s subsidiaries can offer products, subsystems and technical solutions that optimally meet customer needs. Addtech’s subsidiaries are happy to help with product development and take charge of the entire supply process – from purchasing and production to warehousing, logistics and servicing.

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  • Suppliers

    Addtech’s suppliers are international manufacturers of engineering components, subsystems and machinery that choose to access the Nordic market via Addtech. Through Addtech’s subsidiaries, a supplier gains access to a broad customer base, offering everything from small local customers to major global export companies.

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  • Employees

    The Addtech Group offers a variety of roles in the fields of sales, technology and logistics. The Group’s subsidiaries provide a stimulating work environment in which technically advanced products from world-leading suppliers are sold to innovative, sometimes world-leading companies. Employees can act independently, and personal commitment is the key to success.

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