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  • Customers

    With long experience gained from working with several well-renowned customers, Addtech’s subsidiaries can offer products, subsystems and technical solutions that optimally meet customer needs. Addtech’s subsidiaries are happy to help with product development and take charge of the entire supply process – from purchasing and production to warehousing, logistics and servicing.

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  • Suppliers

    Addtech’s suppliers are international manufacturers of engineering components, subsystems and machinery that choose to access the Nordic market via Addtech. Through Addtech’s subsidiaries, a supplier gains access to a broad customer base, offering everything from small local customers to major global export companies.

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  • Employees

    The Addtech Group offers a variety of roles in the fields of sales, technology and logistics. The Group’s subsidiaries provide a stimulating work environment in which technically advanced products from world-leading suppliers are sold to innovative, sometimes world-leading companies. Employees can act independently, and personal commitment is the key to success.

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