Careers at Addtech


Addtech strives to be an attractive employer and provides its employees with considerable opportunities for personal growth.

The Group offers the potential to combine technology with business while taking responsibility for projects. The Group’s position as a key player in many niches provides openings for development in several technology areas and the chance to work with demanding customers and leading global suppliers. 

Internal recruitment is Addtech’s most important tool for ensuring its supply of managers. External recruitment complements this, and our many company acquisitions bring skilled, driven entrepreneurs into Addtech. With the right matching and support, these people can develop further in the organisation. Most of the Group’s senior managers began their careers in sales in one of the subsidiaries.

Addtech’s established corporate culture and shared core values serve as a sound form of guidance for employees in their work. The corporate culture is rooted in business acumen and high levels of technical expertise, combined with individual freedom and a willingness to take personal responsibility.

The attitude and approach of Addtech employees are decisive factors when customers and suppliers choose to do business with Addtech. The Group’s employees are renowned for their ability to generate new, creative solutions that meet customers’ needs. Business acumen also includes an ability to secure your own company’s long-term profitability and growth based on deals that benefit all parties.

Addtech is permeated by employees’ entrepreneurial skills. The decentralised organisation preserves and promotes entrepreneurship, making it important to maintain our concept of adopting a small-scale approach on a large scale within the Group. 

In the subsidiaries there is proximity between management and other employees that is often impossible in larger organisations. In the same way, the subsidiaries are extremely close to their customers and suppliers, which makes them more receptive to the needs of the market.

At Addtech, responsibility and powers of authority for business operations rest with the subsidiaries, which is a prerequisite for the companies being able to rapidly adapt their products and services to the market’s expectations and changes. 

The subsidiaries’ independence is also one of the Group’s key drivers. This freedom provides the managing directors of the subsidiaries with major opportunities for developing their respective businesses. However, the price of this freedom is that the parties involved must deliver what is required. Seen historically, this approach has proved very effective.