Addtech as an investment

From the outset in September 2001, the Addtech share has achieved an average price increase of 20 percent annually. Our focus is to provide value, with stable and sustainable growth as our overriding objective.

1. Scalable business model with broad risk spread

Shareholder value is based on our independent companies with their clear niche strategies and offerings with high technical content. Our scalable model allows us to continue growing efficiently in multiple markets. An increased geographical presence and greater spread among customer segments makes us less vulnerable to individual trends and declines. A broad spread builds good resilience and stable development over time.

2. Profit doubled every five years

Addtech is an active owner who works diligently alongside its companies to increase sales and profitability. We combine the flexibility, personal touch and efficiency of small businesses with the resources, networks and long-term perspective of a large corporation. We are constantly evolving and we understand the importance of continuously adapting our operations to the prevailing business climate. By exceeding our target of doubling our profits every five years, we have repeatedly proven our ability to deliver sustainable profitable growth.

3. Successful acquisition strategy

Acquisitions are a cornerstone in how we generate long-term growth in profits and shareholder value. New companies bring additional sales volumes, customers and expertise, and, in particular, motivated employees and entrepreneurs. New companies also bring new opportunities for synergies and development. Our strategy of acquiring cash flow is a successful one, made possible by our stable balance sheet and our focus on cash flow throughout the organisation.