It all starts with a clear vision

Addtech is to be a leader in value-generating technical solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. We are to be perceived as the most skilled, durable and sustainable partner by our customers, suppliers and employees alike.

What does our vision mean – Being a leader in technical solutions for a sustainable tomorrow?

Being a leader means that we must be the best at what we choose to do. We are to be perceived as the most competent partner by our customers and suppliers.

Technical solutions refer to the area in which we seek to operate. We market technical products sourced from external suppliers, supplement these with modified products and solutions and with own products and brands in selected niches, but always with substantial technological contents and in clear market segments.

We are to serve as a catalyst for development towards a sustainable society and sustainable industry. In our role as a supplier of leading technical solutions, we work purposefully towards a more sustainable tomorrow. At the same time, we strive for long-term profitability for the Group. Sustainable business is not only good for the planet and for people – it generates business opportunities too.

Three strategic choices in achieving our vision

Market-leading niche positions
Our companies are to be market leaders in selected technical niches with a high knowledge content. This establishes the conditions for a stable growth and long-term profitability.

Operational agility
The companies must be able to act quickly and agilely in response to new business opportunities. The Group must also respond quickly by, for example, splitting operations, and maintaining efficient processes for integrating new companies.

Growth through acquisitions
Acquisitions and supplementary acquisitions represent an important part of our growth philosophy. This enables rapid expansion in new segment, a broadened product range and improved market positions.