Global driving forces generate demand

Addtech operates in the international market for technical solutions, in which players buy, adapt and sell technical products and solutions. Although our base is in Nordic industry, we also operate internationally. Although most sales occur in the Nordic region, markets beyond the Nordic countries have developed strongly in recent years, increasing in importance. In addition to proprietary operations in some 25 countries, we export to about 20 other countries.

Focus on niches with high technology and knowledge content

Addtech has chosen to focus on specific niches with a substantial content of technology and knowledge. We perceive great potential in the rapid development of technologies in areas such as electrification, automation, industrial IoT, robotics, industry 4.0, etc. It is in these areas that we can make a difference both for customers and suppliers. At the same time, this places very high demands on us to always be at the leading edge of technical development.

Resilient business model

The market forces that always affect our growth and profitability in the shorter term, include not only industrial development, but also geopolitical tendencies and major global events, such as pandemics. However, our breadth and highly decentralised business model, in accordance with which decisions are made close to the market, has repeatedly demonstrated its strength in connection with major external events. Entrepreneurial businesses are quick to adapt.

Increased demand for specialisation

In the longer term, we see increased demands regarding specialisation and automation in industry having a major impact. The increased demands have contributed to the value chain being split up, causing increased dependence on external partners for product development and component adaptations, as well as for service and other aftermarket services.

Climate focus drives demand

We also see increased internationalisation with shifting trade patterns having a substantial impact, opening up new growth opportunities for our customers. The same applies to climate change, which is driving demand for technological solutions that are sustainable in the long term.