Freedom with responsibility

We believe in entrepreneurship and that the best decisions are made close to the customers. Therefore, Addtech's organisation is highly decentralised, with great freedom for the companies to make their own decisions.

Strictly decentralised organisation

Addtech does not micro-manage the companies but exercises active ownership where each company has the opportunity to grow and develop the business.

Network for growth

In order for us to be able to utilise the entire Group's network of customers and suppliers, the companies are grouped into business units by technology or market areas. The network creates the conditions for finding and utilising business opportunities between the companies and thereby harnessing values that benefit both customers and the Group.

Addtech's contribution

The parent company Addtech's role is mainly to contribute with common functions and tools to make it easier for entrepreneurs to focus on their business and their customers as much as possible.

Contact us

We are always keen to make contact with companies offering exciting opportunities. You are most welcome to contact us for an initial conversation that could hopefully be the first step on an exciting journey together with Addtech.

Daniel Prelevic

Business Area Manager Industrial Solutions and the Group's coordinator for acquisitions.
+ 46 703 09 93 29



“Addtech is passionate about acquisitions – we take interest in developing the operations alongside their founders and aim to do this long term." 

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