Sustainable supply chain

Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is important, both in delivering value to our customers and in contributing to sustainable development. 

Addtech has a large number of suppliers around the world but most purchases are sourced from suppliers in Europe. Internationalisation brings many opportunities, while the importance of taking responsibility throughout the supply chain also increases. It is becoming increasingly important to safeguard good business ethics, our zero tolerance of corruption and the respect for human rights throughout the supply chain.

Our supplier relations are often long-term in nature and are characterised by close cooperation on how the supplier’s products can be used in different customer applications. The collaboration benefits quality and customer satisfaction, while at the same time providing us with favourable conditions for constructive dialogue with suppliers regarding sustainability risks and continued development.

The cooperation with suppliers builds from our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Through dialogue, we ensure that the minimum requirements of our Code are met in areas including human rights, working conditions, equal treatment, anti-corruption and the environment.

Target and outcome 2022/2023