Process Technology

For futureproof and sustainable industry

The companies in Process Technology produce and sell solutions for measuring, controlling, and streamlining industrial flows.

Increased focus on energy efficiency and the optimum use of resources generates an increased need to control and optimise various processes, particularly in the marine and industrial sectors. We supply complete systems and instruments for air and water purification, monitoring of pressure, levels, flows and energy, as well as for analysis of liquids and gases. Our customer base primarily comprises Nordic companies in the process and mechanical industries, as well as international companies in the marine sector.

The strategy is to capture the potential in increased demand for a sustainable transformation of the process and marine industry, particularly in terms of emissions to both water and air. With strong positions in selected market niches and with a growing need for technical solutions that control and analyse various industrial processes, we perceive continued favourable opportunities for growth.

"Our companies are at the forefront in helping reduce the environmental impact of industry" Claus Nielsen Business Area Manager Process Technology

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