Corporate governance

The corporate bodies in Addtech AB are comprised of the general meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, the President and the auditors.

Addtech AB operates under Swedish limited liability corporate law and the rules that follow from the fact that the Addtech share is listed on Stockholmsbörsen (the Stockholm Stock Exchange). The provisions of Addtech’s Articles of Association are also followed.

Election Committee

Nomination Committee’s tasks and composition
At the 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM), it was resolved that the Nomination Committee should consist of representatives of the five largest known shareholders by vote at year-end and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who was also tasked with convening the first meeting of the Nomination Committee. This principle applies until further notice and the AGM is thus not required to determine principles and tasks for the Nomination Committee annually. 

The 2021 AGM authorised the Board Chairman to establish a nomination committee for upcoming elections to the Board, by appointing members from among representatives of the five shareholders who controlled the largest number of votes in the Company at 31 December 2021, to serve with the Chairman on the nomination committee. In accordance with the above, the Committee comprises these appointed members: Anders Börjesson (appointed by Tisenhult Invest AB), Henrik Hedelius (appointed by Tom Hedelius), Marianne Nilsson (appointed by Swedbank Robur Fonder), Elisabet Jamal Bergström (appointed by SEB Investment Management) and Mats Gustafsson (appointed by Lannebo Fonder). 

The Nomination Committee will appoint a Chairman from among its members. The composition of the Nomination Committee shall be announced not later than six months before the Annual General Meeting, this was done in the Interim Report for Quarter 3, which was published on 4 February 2021. The Board is responsible ,for costs arising from performance of the Nomination Committee's tasks. The members of the Nomination Committee receive no compensation from the Company for their work.  

The tasks of the Nomination Committee shall include evaluating the composition and work of the Board of Directors and providing proposals to the Annual General Meeting regarding: 

  • Chairman to preside over the Annual General Meeting
  • Directors and Chairman of the Board of Directors 
  • Fees to directors not employed by the Company
  • Where appropriate, election of a registered audit firm and audit fee

You can reach the nomination committee through the company address or via email

Variable remuneration to senior management

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Auditor KPMG AB

Elected at the Annual General Meeting August 26, 2021.

Auditor in charge
Joakim Thilstedt
Authorized Public Accountant, KPMG. Born 1967.