Meet our entrepreneurs

What do Addtech’s 140 subsidiaries do in practice? Meet some of the Group’s companies and learn about their journey and how they perceive the value and strength of being part of Addtech.

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 “There was a genuine interest in getting to know us at Sittab properly."

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Anders Claesson, Managing Director Sittab AB

Insatech wants to be able to contribute to a more sustainable world by offering value-generating cutting-edge technology,”

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Insatech’s self-developed water purification system RemUVe ensures that drinking water is of high quality.

"Without Necks it would be difficult to expand the electricity grid to the necessary extent."

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Marcus Johansson, Managing Director Necks Electric

“Recab works with many of the current hot buzzwords in the technical industry: AI, Industry 4.0, Machine Learning and Embedded Computers."

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Carolin Basilier, Managing Director Recab

“Today, sustainability is definitely a decisive means of competition.” 

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Joakim Hedlund, VD Carbex

”A sustainable supply chain is a prerequisite for profitable business”

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Andreas Anselmius, Managing Director Emcomp

Our ambition is to be able to offer high-tech solutions and products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

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Alexander Lindblom, Product Manager Lighting Control at Compotech

"We believe the best teams are diverse in nature."

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Helena Benjamin, external sales representative at Stigab