Why sell to Addtech

Under our active ownership, you and your company will develop. Addtech is a long-term industrial owner that believes in freedom with responsibility. In our decentralised organisation,  we value entrepreneurship and believe that the best decisions are made close to customers. Accordingly, we do not micro-manage, but instead coach and support you as an entrepreneur in developing your company, providing you with access to Addtech’s network and resources. This means that you retain your existing platform and derive all of the benefits of being part of a larger company, while capitalising on the value of your company or managing a transition between generations.

Three clear objectives for all companies

The companies within Addtech continue operating under their own brands and are to be perceived by customers, suppliers and employees as the most competent and resilient of partners. Addtech’s overall goals are summarised in the three basic demands we place on all operations within the Group. Growth, Profitability and Sustainable Development.

How to become part of Addtech

Addtech comprises a number of niche business units within each business area. Future acquisitions will primarily be conducted within the framework of the current business areas and units. The market is constantly shifting, however, providing opportunities to develop new business segments, while Addtech gradually advances its positions.

Contact us

We are always keen to make contact with companies offering exciting opportunities. You are most welcome to contact us for an initial conversation.

Daniel Prelevic

Business Area Manager Industrial Solutions and the Group's coordinator for acquisitions.
+46 703 09 93 29



“Addtech is passionate about acquisitions – we take interest in developing the operations alongside their founders and aim to do this long term." 

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