EU Taxonomy

The objective of the EU Taxonomy is to establish a common definition of environmentally sustainable activities and thus create conditions for comparability.

In the first phase, the EU has prioritised the most CO2 intensive activities - both from a negative and positive perspective. Addtech, whose companies have a limited share of their own production and largely focus on sustainable technology solutions that are part of end-products in industry and infrastructure, is covered by the Taxonomy to a limited extent for the 2021/2022 reporting.

On the other hand, Addtech is a key supplier and enables many of our customers’ activities in Taxonomy. Examples of technical solutions in which we deliver key components are in the production of renewable energy, forestry, manufacturing of low-CO2 technology, recycling systems and transport systems. Read more about Addtech’s technical solutions that contribute to sustainable development in our Annual Report on pages 19-23.

The reporting requirements for the 2021/2022 financial year are limited to Taxonomy eligible activities. For the following year, Addtech will, by law, report the proportion of sales, costs of capital and operating expenses that also are Taxonomy aligned.

Read more about the reporting requirements, KPIs and which activities within Addtech are covered by the Taxonomy for the financial year 2021/2022 in our Annual Report on pages 140–141.

Share of turnover covered by the Taxonomy 2021/2022