Sustainable business

The requirements and demand for sustainable technical solutions are constantly growing, generating business opportunities for Addtech, as well as values for our customers, suppliers and for society in general.

Daily our companies support customers by identify the best and most sustainable technical solutions. This entails both improving our customers’ business and contributing to various societal benefits, such as more energy-efficient transport and processes, production of renewable energy, cleaner emissions and safer workplaces. The companies operate in many different areas of technology and have great opportunities to be a catalyst for development towards a more sustainable society and industry. This includes, for example, leading technical solutions for electrification, automation, Industry 4.0, infrastructure, solutions for reducing emissions, medical technology and the build-out of national power grids.

We are monitoring our development in Sustainable business by annually measuring our companies’ sales of products and solutions that contribute positively to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.

Target and outcome 2022/2023