Arruti Group

Arruti Group in Spain develops, manufactures and sells components and equipment for electrical transmission lines and switchgear. The company is a global player with customers located primarily in Europe, the US and South America. Before Addtech acquired this group of companies in 2022, the operations had been run by the Arruti family for three generations.

Miguel Rivero, Managing
Director at Arruti Group

“Addtech’s decentralised way of running its companies and the know-how held by the Group has definitely strengthened our competitiveness,” says Miguel Rivero, Managing Director at Arruti Group.

Thanks to Arruti Group, Addtech has advanced its position from being a Nordic player in materials for transmission lines and switchgear to being a global player. Arruti Group are experts in aluminium products and have an extensive product catalogue, including transformer stations and power lines.

“In terms of energy supply, a generational shift is occurring pretty much worldwide,” Miguel explains. Many countries must relatively quickly modernise their energy grids for the transition to a greener society. Accordingly, our market offers substantial potential and rising demand means that we must continuously develop new products and technical solutions to maintain our leading position”.

Arruti Group maintains modern, automated manufacturing facilities, including robot lines, at its factory in Bilbao. The advanced engineering skills required to develop leading-edge customised technical solutions are to be found here.

“Customers value highly the quality of the products, as well as the complete fulfilment of their technical specifications. We know, for example, which materials best suited for each product to meet the stringent requirements that are often imposed. Our superior-quality products, high level of service and reliable deliveries make Arruti Group a reliable partner in the development towards a sustainable society,” Miguel Rivero concludes.