Work and develop with us at Addtech

With their business acumen and superior technical expertise, and by continuously developing existing operations and building sustainable new ones, our employees are our most important success factor. Addtech has approximately 3,900 employees in 150 autonomous companies, operating in about 25 countries. Addtech works actively for diversity and equality throughout the organization. Our focus on mixed teams is a prerequisite for continued long-term growth. Most employees work with sales, including everything from solving technical issues to purchasing, production, logistics and distribution. Some of our companies maintain proprietary production of components, subsystems and special products under their own brands, increasing the number of specialist professions.

Our own business school - Addtech Academy

Within Addtech,  the companies themselves are responsible for safeguarding appropriate skills and recruiting new employees. Addtech Academy, the Group’s own business school, provides a forum for personal and professional development. The business school is aimed at all employees  and is an important platform for spreading corporate culture, further developing business acumen and increasing the degree of professionalism among employees.

Internal leadership supply

Internal recruitment is Addtech’s most important tool for leadership supply. It is obvious to us that opportunities for continued careers should be provided within the Group. Our numerous corporate acquisitions mean that Addtech continuously brings in clever and passionate entrepreneurs, but also many skilled employees. With the right matching and support, these people can develop further  within the organisation. Many people in senior positions in the Group have started their careers in one of our 150 companies.