Freedom with responsibility

We believe in entrepreneurship and that the best business decisions are made close to the customer. For this reason, Addtech’s organisation is highly decentralised, with great freedom for the companies to make their own decisions – always focusing on sustainability.

True decentralisation

Addtech does not micro-manage the companies, but exercises active ownership. Freedom with responsibility is the fundamental principle permeating the organisation. The companies’ independence is important not only in a commercial sense, but also in retaining and recruiting talented employees and entrepreneurs. Each company has the opportunity to grow and develop its operations as long as it adheres to Addtech’s business model and framework. 

Network for growth

The Group companies are what make Addtech. This is where the actual operations are conducted. To allow us to make full use of the Group’s network of customers and suppliers, the companies are grouped into business units according to their area of technology or their market areas. The task of the business units is to coach and support the companies on issues of sustainable development and profitability by providing a network for identifying and make use of business opportunities within the market segment. With managers and employees interacting between the companies, we are able to make use of values benefiting both customers and the Group.

Addtech’s contribution

The role of the Parent Company, Addtech, is  to contribute Group-wide functions and tools to make it as easy as possible for the companies to focus on their operations and customers.