Three steps to profitable and sustainable growth

Addtech works to generate favourable profits and increased shareholder value in three coordinated and mutually dependent steps:

1. At Addtech, the companies are the HEROES

Our independent and entrepreneurial companies are the first step. If progress is good for the companies, progress is good for Addtech. Sales of products and solutions are based on close relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers. These close relationships represent the key to our success and are based on a combination of technical know-how and business acumen.

2. Active ownership for organic growth

The second step is active ownership and industrial development. Addtech is an active owner, working diligently to ensure that the operations develop and increase their profitability. We seek to combine the advantages of small businesses, such as flexibility, personal touch and efficiency, with the resources, networks and industrial expertise of a large company. We optimise long-term growth and profitability by conducting small-scale business - large scale wise.

3. Acquisitions that complete us

The third step is acquisitions, partly of entirely new companies and partly of acquisitions by Addtech’s group companies of operations that supplement their own. Acquisitions are an important complement that further enhance long-term profit growth and shareholder value. Not only do new companies and operations add only sales volumes and customers, they also bring new skills, leaders and entrepreneurs. New companies and operations also open up new opportunities for synergies and development.