Annual Reports & Sustainability reports

Since the financial year 2019/2020, Sustainability Reporting has been integrated into the Annual Report. For previous Annual and Sustainability Reports see archive below. Subscribe via email to our annual reports

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016/17     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2015/16     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2014/15     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2013/14     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2012/13     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2011/12     PDF   WEB

Annual Report 2010/11     PDF

Annual Report 2009/10     PDF  

Annual Report 2008/09     PDF

Annual Report 2007/08     PDF

Annual Report 2006/07     PDF

Annual Report 2005/06     PDF

Annual Report 2004/05     DFP

Annual Report 2003/04     PDF

Annual Report 2002/03     PDF  

Annual Report 2001/02     PDF