Our business areas

Addtech comprises 150 independent and entrepreneurial companies. Addtech works actively to make use of the organisation as efficiently as possible  and to strengthen the network between the companies. The operations are organised into the following five business areas. Read more about our business units under each business area



The companies within Automation produce and sell sustainable and intelligent solutions, subsystems and components for industrial automation, medical technology and infrastructure.


The companies within Electrification provide battery solutions, energy-efficient power solutions, as well as components and subsystems in mechatronics.


The companies within Energy produce and sell products for electricity transmission, electrical installation and safety products for traffic- and the home environment.

Industrial solutions

The companies within Industrial Solutions produce and sell solutions and systems primarily for the forest, special vehicles, mechanical and waste/recycling industry.

Process Technology

The companies in Process Technology produce and sell solutions for measuring, controlling, and streamlining industrial flows.