Addtech takes responsibility for employees, respecting human rights and conducting business with high ethics

We work for:

  • good business ethics, diversity and equal opportunities for all our employees
  • healthy and safe working environment
  • good working conditions and responsible production in our supply chain

Addtech's organisation is flat and strictly decentralised. Our unique model is both large-scale and small-scale to foster optimal conditions. Ultimately, our employees are those who make a difference. Our culture is largely built on the fundamental idea that if our employees grow, the business will also grow. We offer individual development opportunities in an organisation that fosters diversity and equality.

We conduct our business with high ethics, in line with our internal Code of Conduct, respect human rights and push the requirements further in our supply chain.

Our supplier relations are often long-term in nature and characterised by close cooperation on the optimisation of products and solutions. The collaboration benefits quality and customer satisfaction, while at the same time providing us with favourable conditions for constructive dialogue with suppliers regarding sustainability risks and continued development.

The basis for cooperation with suppliers is our Code of Conduct for suppliers. Through dialogue and systematic follow-ups we ensure that the minimum requirements of our Code are met in areas including human rights, working conditions, equal treatment, anti-corruption and the environment.