Our responsibility throughout the supply chain

Addtech’s  business volumes outside the Nordic are continuously increasing and most purchasing is made from suppliers in Europe, the US and Asia. Internationalisation brings many opportunities, while the importance of taking responsibility throughout the value chain also increases. Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is important, both in delivering value to our customers and in contributing to sustainable development.

Our supplier relations are often long-standing and characterised by close cooperation on how the supplier’s products can be used optimally. Besides trading in standard products, customised solutions and/or subsystems, Addtech also sells proprietary brand products and conducts niche production.

Addtech is always seeking out new partners able to complement or strengthen our operations. A partnership with our companies should be the most profitable way for suppliers to sell their products in the geographical markets in which we operate.

We seek suppliers who are market leaders in their niches and apply strict quality requirements. They must have an attractive product development portfolio and, of course, a responsible approach to sustainability.