Allied Insulators

Allied Insulators Inc. is a leading UK supplier of equipment and components for electrical distribution and transmission lines and substations. The company also exports its technical solutions, primarily to the Middle East and New Zealand.

“We offer a complete product range of insulators and fittings for transmission, distribution and transformer stations up to 400 kilovolts,” says Oliver Scopes, Managing Director at Allied Insulators.

The company has designed and manufactured insulators for more than 150 years. In addition to supplying standard insulators and fittings, we are also increasingly involved in collaborations with grid owners seeking to develop new innovative solutions. The acquisition of Allied Insulators in 2022 further strengthens Addtech’s position as a leading player in electrical transmission lines.

Oliver Scopes, Managing
Director at Allied Insulators

“Being part of a larger group gives us access to our sister companies’ expertise in transmission,” Oliver says. “We can share ideas, transfer market awareness and develop our operations through forward-looking co-creation. Each company has its specific expertise and strengths, which together generate tremendous business opportunities in a global market with a huge need of investments in energy grids for a long time to come.”

“We definitely intend to continue to utilising the shared strengths of the Addtech companies and the opportunities for sustainable business that exist. Together we will be able to support our customers in the transition to delivering more sustainable electricity with low carbon dioxide emissions. And not just here in the UK or in Europe, but in a global market and with the long-term objective of achieving a fossil-free society thanks to electrification,” Oliver Scopes concludes.