We take a long-term approach aimed at increasing internal knowledge transfer, furthering the growth of employees and refining the corporate culture. We do this through our own business school Addtech Academy and various forms of cooperation within the group.

Our human capital is Addtech’s most important competitive asset. Management and employees in the subsidiaries must therefore interact with each other in various ways that benefit the customer and the Group. 

The Group’s high level of transparency and proactive cross-pollination are necessary for the growth of its employees. The transfer of experience and know-how benefits growth in the Group and in the individual companies. Examples of internal networks that strengthen the corporate culture and skills levels include our own Business School, managing directors’ meetings and cooperation between subsidiaries, our business areas and the various business units.

Addtech’s Business School is an important platform from which to convey the corporate culture, further enhance business acumen and increase the degree of professionalism among employees. The overall aim of the training is to teach employees new skills, practise these skills and motivate staff to be committed, successful employees in the Group. The various courses in Addtech Academy offer training adapted to employees’ experience and tasks and are aimed at both new members of staff and senior managers in the Group companies.

Within partnerships with suppliers, a great deal of knowledge is transferred between the employees of both parties. Key personnel at Addtech also regularly spend time with suppliers in Europe, Asia and the USA. These relationships are important in terms of maintaining a high level of technical expertise in the respective market areas of the subsidiaries.