Business School

The purpose of Addtech’s Business School is to support employees in their professional and personal growth. This is not just a question of helping to raise the level of skills and efficiency, but it is also to a considerable degree about creating commitment and building self-confidence.

Four supplementary courses:

Target group: All employees in the Group 

Contents: The course covers a variety of subjects including business models, profitability mindset, corporate philosophy and ethics. It also addresses the value of having a vision and goals for a company’s future development. Seminars enable employees to work together to understand how these concepts affect daily operations in each subsidiary and how to develop them. The course is particularly important as an introduction for staff in newly acquired subsidiaries.

Target group: In-house and travelling sales representatives with at least six months’ experience

Contents: The course improves the sales representatives’ efficiency by giving them a clearer structure for sales work, helping them to prepare more effectively and set better goals for contacts with customers, improving their presentation techniques and increasing their knowledge of corporate law and terms and conditions of delivery. The course also aims to give a better understanding of economic relationships and of how profitability is created. The participation of buyers from the Group’s client companies adds a hands-on dimension that helps course participants understand important issues to bear in mind in long-term business relationships.

Target group: Experienced sales representatives with a minimum of two years’ experience and who have already attended the Successful Sales course 

Contents: This advanced course is closely linked to real-life operations and is aimed at the more senior sales representatives in the subsidiaries. The course provides access to practical tools for more objective-led and profitable sales work through better impact on the decision-making process. For example, realistic training in negotiations takes place in front of a video camera, and business cases are simulated.

Target group: All managing directors of Addtech’s subsidiaries or leaders in equivalent positions in the Group 

Contents: As a managing director of an Addtech company you have freedom with responsibility. This course discusses the requirements that apply to our companies and how you as a managing director can harness the benefits of Addtech’s concept of adopting a small-scale approach on a large scale. Addtech’s view of leadership is naturally also a focal point, and this subject covers areas such as recruitment, training, opportunities for growth, attitudes, follow-up and incentives. The aim of the course is for participants to receive a “driver’s licence” enabling them to be effective leaders within the Group.

In addition to the four courses above, Addtech regularly organises various themed courses. Past courses have included subjects such as strategic marketing, digital sales and digital marketing, as well as business administration and accounting training for employees who work with such tasks in the subsidiaries.