Addtech’s overall goal is to operate a sustainable business. Addtech aims to meet the sustainability requirements and expectations set by customers, shareholders and employees. 

The Group’s sustainability work involves Addtech taking long-term responsibility for the sustainable development of employees, the environment and profitability. Sustainability is a competitive tool in the technology trading market, and Addtech aims to be a better choice than its competitors. 

Addtech’s subsidiaries have extensive experience of meeting market requirements regarding quality and environmental certifications. Sustainability work has been a strategic issue within the Group since 2010. Addtech has established a CSR Council composed of representatives from its different business areas. The aim of the Council is to plan and determine activities that contribute to a strategic approach to sustainability in the field of CSR. 

The work began in 2010 with the creation of a Code of Conduct. Addtech subsequently submitted its first sustainability report under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines at Application Level C. A Group-wide employee survey was introduced in 2012, which led to the introduction of regular employee performance appraisals and leadership adapted to individuals. The next strategic sustainability dialogue will focus on suppliers. 

Addtech’s corporate structure and operations, with over 120 subsidiaries, present a challenge in terms of achieving rapid results in sustainability work, since many units have to introduce completely or partially new processes. The work paves the way for more attractive customer offerings, greater cost reductions and improved quality and HR measures. 

Sustainable development that creates value

Addtech’s aim is to create value for shareholders, customers, employees, society and the environment. This can be summarised in three categories: financial, social and environmental value.

Financial strength is a cornerstone of our ability to invest in sustainable development, and Addtech is dedicated to ensuring that we are both competitive and cost-efficient.

A key factor in Addtech’s sustainable development is that we take account of all the people affected by our business. This includes our customers, suppliers, employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate. Addtech’s Code of Conduct provides guidance for our employees, and our suppliers are encouraged to work in line with it.

Nearly half of the electricity used in the Group comes from renewable sources. Addtech’s goal is to constantly increase this proportion. The Group’s companies are primarily involved in technology trading, so our operations have a limited direct environmental impact. The Group continuously works to make improvements in those areas where we can make a difference.

Addtech’s Code of Conduct

Addtech’s sustainability work is based on the Group’s Code of Conduct. The central concepts of our Code of Conduct are the environment, ethics and a moral approach and these have long been part of the Group’s operations. The Code applies not only to all employees in our own operations but also to our relationship with our suppliers of products and services. We aim for our subsidiaries to work with suppliers towards achieving positive change. The Addtech Group’s Code of Conduct is based on the UN’s Global Compact, ILO’s Core Conventions, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Addtech’s Code of Conduct

Sustainability report

Addtech has published a sustainability report since 2011. It is a key part of the company’s sustainability work as it gives employees, owners and other stakeholders the opportunity to learn about how our CSR work is developing. The reports form the basis of the Group’s further CSR development. Reported topics include the Group’s use of energy, carbon footprint, employee turnover and employee occupational health and safety.