Many of Addtech’s companies have long-standing and close partnerships with their suppliers. A good example of this is Addtech’s Swedish subsidiary Emcomp, which has had a successful partnership with CBI in South Africa since 1998. CBI is Emcomp’s main supplier of hydraulic magnetic fuses that are significantly more energy efficient compared with traditional fuses.

Andreas Anselmius,
Managing Director Emcomp

“Our close partnership means that we at Emcomp enjoy substantial opportunities to develop CBI in a positive direction with regard to priority areas of sustainability,” says Andreas Anselmius, Managing Director of Emcomp. This may involve working conditions or production improvements, for example. That is not to say that CBI is bad at sustainability in any way – on the contrary. We are able to learn from one another to gradually improve further at contributing to a more sustainable world.

Emcomp is about to launch a sustainability development programme together with CBI. The aim is to establish a common focus for our continuous development and improvement of key sustainability parameters.

“A sustainable supply chain is a prerequisite for profitable business,” says Andreas Anselmius. Today, many of our customers focus at least as much on aspects of environment and sustainability as on price and quality. Therefore, it is important that Emcomp and CBI further develop the partnership and that we determine together which sustainability goals should be prioritised and where we need to improve further.

The Addtech Group has set a high level of ambition for all subsidiaries establishing sustainable supply chains and driving issues of sustainability forward.

“The Parent Company has focused very strongly on sustainability of late,” says Andreas Anselmius. At Emcomp, for example, we received help in working through our development plan for the next three years. This included seminars at which we discussed why, at what and how we should further improve in the area of sustainability. In addition to our development programme with our partner CBI, there are other areas in which we can develop and improve – we must, for example, ship our products – from CBI in South Africa to Europe and Hong Kong. Here, we have the clearly stated objective of working with maritime shipping as much as possible, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.