Insatech A/S s located about an hour’s journey southwest of Copenhagen. The company is part of the Process Technology business area and sells advanced instruments for all industrial segments. Increasingly, Insatech is investing in developing own technical products and solutions. RemUVe is an example of an own product developed in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of the Environment. 

“RemUVe is a water purification system that efficiently filters drinking water and ensures that it is of superior quality,” says Jacob Møller, Managing Director of Insatech. We apply an advanced oxidation process based on UV light and hydrogen peroxide to create a reaction that removes pesticide residues, chlorinated solvents and drug residues – while protecting against bacteria. 

Insatech focuses on two main areas to promote sustainable development: partly on reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime sector, and partly on clean drinking water and waste water. 

“When it comes to RemUVe, our primary customers are municipal or regional water and sewage companies. Mainly here in Denmark, although we are also seeing considerable interest from other countries in northern Europe. In the slightly longer term, we will migrate the RemUVe technology to industrial manufacturing processes. Insatech wants to be able to contribute to a changing and more sustainable world by offering value-generating cutting-edge technology that leads to profitability and sustainable operations,” Jacob Møller concludes.