Another company focusing on sustainable operations is Recab, part of the Automation business area. The company currently offers a number of products and solutions in industrial automation, often in close collaboration with customers. One example is the customer FluxSense, a spin-off from a research project at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, which offers systems for the direct analysis and follow-up of air emissions from industry or other operations.

“This systems solution really goes hand in hand with the objectives of the Paris Agreement from 2015, the core of which is to limit global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” says Annelie Ivansson, Marketing Manager at Recab.

Carolin Basilier, VD Recab

Industries can use the system to make measurements, both mobile and stationary, to identify deviations in their emissions or to determine if there is a leak somewhere in their processes. Recab’s role and contribution to the solution is to provide reliable industrial computers that match the advanced technical level of the system.

“The industrial computers we deliver are subject to extremely high requirements,” says Annelie Ivansson. Among other things, they have to withstand high temperatures and relatively strong vibrations, something that an ordinary computer cannot handle. The market is global and the solution is at the forefront of technical development in the area.