One of our prioritised sustainability targets is to increase the proportion of women within Addtech. We believe the best teams are diverse in nature, with an even gender distribution playing an important part. Gender equal teams are often innovative and high-performing, while also optimally combining different perspectives and experiences.

“Although preconceived notions about women and technology probably prevailed in the past – I no longer perceive this to be a problem,” says Helena Benjamin, external sales representative at Stigab in Stockholm. “I have worked in the technology industry for 25 years and I feel that attitudes are gradually shifting in the right direction. My sales role at Stigab mainly involves project management, in which I act as a liaison between customers and suppliers. So, in addition to certain technical expertise, it is important to be able to build relationships, engender trust and drive projects forward.”

Stigab is part of the Electrification business area and offers components and customised solutions in areas such as joysticks, switches, sensors and EMC shields, as well as thermal materials. We have more than 3,000 products in stock and a product range including more than a million variants.

Helena Benjamin, external
sales representative at Stigab

“Getting more women into the Addtech Group is certainly a challenge. But I feel the Group’s commitment to the issue is genuine and that there is a great desire for more mixed teams, to safeguard the appropriate expertise throughout the organisation. For example, I am part of the Group-wide AddQ network, which was set up to get more women to choose the sales profession as a career path within Addtech’s subsidiaries. As an external sales representative, I can hopefully inspire other women in the Group to dare take the step into a really exciting position,” says Helena.