Addtech operates in the international technology trading market, where companies buy, adapt and sell technical products and solutions. We have chosen to focus on carefully selected niches with a high technology and knowledge content. The rapid development of technology makes it vital to constantly stay at the forefront of technological development. This is where we can make a difference for our customers and manufacturers.

Addtech is based in Nordic industry, but operates internationally. The emphasis is on the Nordic region, but we have performed well in markets outside the Nordic countries and these have increased in significance. Besides having its own operations in around 20 countries, Addtech also exports to a further 20 or so countries.

In the short term, growth and profitability are closely tied to industrial economic conditions and the economic conditions prevailing in Addtech's markets. The long-term growth and profitability of a market depend on the size and diversity of the industrial and service sectors. 

Northern Europe's relatively high costs have spurred the development of knowledge-intensive, automated and specialised industrial and service sectors. This has also contributed to differentiation of the value chain, increased trade and greater reliance on external partners for product development and component modifications as well as for maintenance and other aftermarket services.