Addtech’s subsidiaries’ customers need a partner that provides innovative technical solutions and can help them select the right supplier and technology from an increasingly complex supplier market. This means we develop the right components, solutions or subsystems by participating in our customers’ concept and product development. 

Customers often demand that the companies offer technically innovative solutions that meet their needs in a cost-effective manner. Addtech’s long-standing collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers guarantees quality and added value.

Our goal is to always be a value-adding company, which means that we can add value to our customers’ products and processes through our expertise, understanding and resources. In simple terms, you could say that we aim to add value in two ways: either by helping them to manufacture their products more efficiently, or by helping to make their products more competitive.

A few examples of our major customers:

ABB, Sandvik, Ahlsell, Atlas Copco, Vattenfall, Volvo, Tetra Pak, and Ericsson.