A major share of the sales generated by Addtech companies come from selling on components and subsystems from global and market-leading suppliers. Cooperation with our companies should be the most profitable way for suppliers to sell their products in the geographic markets where we operate.

Many strong suppliers service the Nordic market via Addtech because of its cost-efficient marketing organisation and sales channel with local knowledge and established relationships with customers. More than 70 percent of the Group’s purchases are made from suppliers outside the Nordics in Europe, the US and Asia. Many suppliers have worked with Addtech subsidiaries for decades, while others come and go.

Our subsidiaries find and represent manufacturers from all over the world. In addition to trading in standard products, specially tailored solutions and/or subsystems, Addtech sells products under its own brands and runs some niche production operations. Many of our products are incorporated into the end products of global customers. Addtech often continues to supply its parts to these customers when they relocate their manufacturing operations abroad.

Relationships with suppliers are often long-standing and involve close collaboration on how the supplier’s products can be used in the optimal way. Addtech is constantly on the lookout for new partners that can complement or boost our existing business.

A good supplier:

  • Is a leader in its market niche
  • Is able to meet high quality requirements
  • Has attractive product development
  • Has a responsible approach to ethics and environmental issues.