Acquisitions are an important part of Addtech’s business concept. We are always looking for entrepreneurs and technology trading companies that can bolster existing operations or contribute new product or market segments where the conditions are right for taking leading positions.

Addtech acquires companies in order to maintain and evolve them in the long term. The new companies contribute with a presence on new sub-markets, supplementary agents and suppliers and, perhaps most importantly, skilled employees with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. On the other hand, Addtech is able to make a contribution as a financially robust, well-established and committed owner with clear goals for growth and profitability.

We look for companies with:

  • Profitability and growth potential
  • High knowledge and technology content
  • Established supplier relationships
  • Niche market focus
  • Relationship-based sales

We develop our companies through active ownership

Addtech is a long-term industrial owner that believes in freedom with responsibility. In our decentralised organisation we value entrepreneurship and the acquired companies continue to operate under their own brands. We coach and support the entrepreneurs in developing the companies and give them access to Addtech's network and resources.

Why sell to Addtech?

  • Maintain relationships
  • Realise values
  • Generational shift
  • Secure workplace
  • Add expertise and networks

Over the years Addtech has acquired and integrated several companies in the Group, and through these experiences, a clear, successful process for integrating and evolving the companies acquired has emerged.

The route to a successful acquisition for both buyer and seller is rarely a rapid process. It can take several years, giving the parties time to become well acquainted with each other before the deal is finalised. This minimises the risk of misunderstandings or false expectations. It also creates trust and lays the foundations for the parties and employees to be satisfied with the outcome. 

In each acquisition process the company is evaluated according to a series of criteria that, when met, create good conditions for further development within Addtech. Acquired companies are expected to contribute to the Group’s profitability in both the short and long term and have good growth prospects. As a rule, Addtech’s subsidiaries are wholly owned.

Acquisition 2019/2020 2018/2019 2017/2018 2016/2017 2015/2016
Quantity 12 14 11 10 10
Net Sales 741 960 698 503 643
Number of employees 170 276 171 129 161

*Refers to annualized basis at the acquisition date

Addtech comprises a number of niche business units within each business area. Entrepreneurs interested in selling their companies to Addtech often see a natural position for their companies within the Group. Future acquisitions will primarily be made within the framework of existing business areas. However, the market is constantly changing, providing opportunities for developing new business segments, and Addtech is gradually advancing its positions.