Energy Supply

The business unit’s companies produce and sell products for electricity distribution and communication networks. Customers consist of electricity network operators, contractors, wholesalers, railway companies, industrial customers and hospitals.

Our operations are located in the Nordics, UK, Spain and Poland, with products being sold both locally, as well as in a global market. The hallmark of the operations within the unit is their considerable technical know-how, strong brands and significant market shares their respective market segments.

Examples of products include low-voltage switchgear and transformers for all voltage levels, as well as low voltage distribution panels, mainly for heavy industry. Other examples are products for electrical transmission- and distribution systems, as well as machinery, tools and equipment used in the construction of electricity distribution and railway systems, as well as fibre-optic systems for the build-out of modern communication networks.

Other products include equipment for monitoring and assessing the quality of the electricity grid, to protect sensitive industrial or medical electronics and other sensitive equipment in connection with voltage variations in the network. Monitoring of earth faults to provide alerts of electrical faults in different environments.

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Business Unit Manager Energy Supply

Marcus Johansson
+46 762 708 007

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